Design tips for your Mobile Cover

tips for designing mobile cover

Accessorizing your phone has turned out to be the hottest trend lately. When you’re out and about, no matter how you dress, a bespoke mobile case will make a matchless statement. Although you will come across tons of premade designs, but the fact is that fashion is all about expressing yourself. Why to spend money on premade cases when you can create your own? Read on to learn some tips for designing mobile cover.

First things first, you require a basic phone case that fits your phone. A stiff plastic snap-on case in a clear color is recommended. To make sure that it fits well, search Dailyobjects or other online portals for hard phone cover. After that, you’ll need several embellishments to beautify your case. Search for fabric flowers, scrapbook paper, rhinestones, charms and pendants, etc.

Now let’s get started!

Design 1: Flower Power

tips for designing your mobile cover

The first design on our list is a pretty flowerbed—vibrant and simple that usually goes well with casual outfits. Apply the craft glue at the back of fabric flowers and paste them on a bright-color case in straight lines. Trim down the flower ends to fit around the camera lens and allow the glue to dry. You will surely love this design. These flowers will add a fun texture to your phone.

Design 2: Paparazzi Glam

tips for designing mobile cover

For a flashy paparazzi look, a charming camera ornament is an ideal phone embellishment. Start with placing the pendant and some of the rhinestones on a spotless, shady-color case, and allow them to move around to play with the draft until you get a hold on look you desire. Now fix them on the case with the help of craft glue. It is worthwhile to use rhinestones of all diverse shapes, sizes, and colors to give your design superfluous dimension.

Design3: Charming Prints

tips for designing mobile cover

For this design, you need a transparent case with which you can simply transform the look using decorative paper whenever you feel like. Fix the paper inside your transparent case with the design side facing out, and then place your phone in the case! The best part is that you don’t need glue for fixing the design. To alter the look, change the paper!

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