Get lucky with your Birth Gemstones

birth gemstones

Adorning oneself with jewelry has been a well-liked practice from the ancient times. It started with bone and sparkly rocks, bits of shell, and later on with gold, silver, copper, gems etc. As a matter of fact, the formation of crystals takes millions of years and out of all, only a fraction of them are found and converted to gemstones. To evaluate the value of gemstones various factors like quality, rarity, setting etc. are considered. Here is a quick rundown of world’s most valuable birth gemstones according to Rasi you can buy with assistance of some trusted online shopping sites like Ankur Gems and many more  :

Mesha Rasi

It is a coral red colored gem that is generally available in sub Gems namely Loc Onyx and Lal Hank. It is worn to lessen the evil effects of Kuja Dosha. The best fitting time for wearing this Coral Red Gem is Tuesday.

Vrushaba Rasi

The Lord of people belonging to this Rasi is Sukra and so they are suggested to wear diamond or sub gems are Opel. It is worn to minimize the evil effects of Sukra and brings prosperity at the financial and domestic front. The appropriate day for wearing the Gem is Friday.

Mithuna Rasi

The Lord of this Rasi is Budha and individuals who belong to this Rasi are recommended to wear Emerald and sub gems are Firoz and onyx. Greenish in color, it helps in growth of business, guarding the health and peace of mind. Wear this Gem on Wednesday during sunrise and make sure that the gem has to be purified with milk and water.

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