Men’s Formal Wear Tips: What should you wear to Work?

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Girls, this time our focus is on the man in your life – your husband, brother, father, boy-friend or your best friend for that matter. Do you not want them to look good?

We get a lot of queries and give a lot of suggestions on what to wear and what not to wear to work. Guys asking such questions make a lot of sense actually: like it or not, most of us spend biggest chunk of the day in the office only.

Read the fashion tips below that will guide you on what men should wear to work, especially on the first day.
1. Avoid wearing a crew neck undershirt if the shirt is unbuttoned at the top. Go for a V-neck vest instead.

2. Wear only brown or black formal shoes. Try to match the colour of the belt with the colour of your shoes. Do not wear a fancy or a casual belt.

3. The shirt should be perfectly well-fitted and shouldn’t look sloppy or too tight. The gauntlet button (one few inches up the sleeve) and the cuff buttons should be buttoned up properly. And so should be the collar button, if your shirt has one.

4. Just don’t pull a Michael Jackson and wear white socks to work. Always match the colour of the socks with the colour of your trousers.

5. A good formal shirt will make or ruin your whole outfit. Even if you are wearing your best trousers, no one will bother noticing it if your shirt looks unimpressive and dull. A crisp, white collared shirt is indeed the rock star of formal wear. But, please do not match it with a black trouser. You can go for light blue and even striped shirts. If you pair with solid trousers, a shirt with mild stripes will not look too bad.

6. Invest in a good office/ laptop bag. Leave your back pack or cross sling bag at home. After all, you are not a student anymore.

7. And lastly, do wear your attitude.


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