Memorable Cakes from Indiacakes for Wedding Anniversary

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Anniversary Cake

Often said that, it is the cake that represents you and your partner, so always be wise while choosing your wedding cake. The idea behind cutting the cake is that it is a joint celebration on the part of the newlywed couple. It includes with sharing the happiness with the family and guests present to bless the couple. In ancient times, Roman wedding ceremonies were tied up by cutting the cake of wheat or barley on the bride’s head as a representation of good luck. Nowadays the traditional cutting of the wedding cake by newlyweds has become one of the typical aspects of the wedding reception. Symbolic as the first task of the bride and groom performed together, cake cutting has become the indefensible part of the wedding ceremony.

Because the entire ceremony holds so much of focus on the wedding cake celebrating, it has now become a fad to get the coolest wedding cakes designed. Topping the cake with love symbols, fresh flowers, Love Doves or some religious symbol are some common examples of cakes preferred by the couples. After the cake has been cut, both the bride and groom feed each other with the very first slice which symbolizes their commitment towards each other. Undoubtedly, the cake cutting is one of the favorite images to capture for a wedding photographer because the emotions captured are the precious ones.

Get the coolest customized wedding cakes designed as per your requirement at Indiacakes. They hold expertise in delivering some really mouthwatering cakes that surely makes your event a memorable one. You can also contact us to submit your queries.

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One thought on “Memorable Cakes from Indiacakes for Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Vikrant Kapur says:

    Some delay for deliver the cake, but the presentation of the cake was awesome and the taste, hmm…aah yummy, i just quite surprised. The delivery man was apologized for his late and say me and my wife sorry. All over the pune cake shop was nice online delivery shop.

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